Pictures do not do this artwork justice...
video of this masterpiece in action coming soon!

Sophisticated Media Tables

Perfect For

  • Lobby Art
  • Advertising
  • Sporting Events
  • Video Art
  • Slide Shows
  • Anything creative...


‘Home’ was designed with the hope to show people another way to see ‘their world’. During the designing process we realized that the platform had the potential to go beyond our initial goal. ‘Home’ is a handcrafted art piece engineered to be as practical and user friendly as possible. It was not designed to be a touch screen, however has the capability to become one. The platform runs on the Mac OS, this allows users to instantly understand and modify the settings in a familiar setting.


‘Home’ is fully customizable. The hardware can be configured to any color and configuration that the owner can imagine.The computer interface utilizes the Mac OS, leading to endless options for the screen projection. Users can easily run applications that they are already familiar with or can create customized projection solutions using any number of tools readily available for the Mac OS.

'HOME' Pics

Some more detailed pictures and renderings of the endless possibilities ‘HOME’ can bring to your desired location.



Tempered Glass
1/2" Standard
3/4" + Optional
1" + Optional

Acrylic Gaps
Custom Colors Available
* 4 panels can all be separate colors

Steel Cover
Custom Colors Available

Mirrored Walls
Clear Standard
Smoked + Optional

HDTV + Computer
Upgrades Available

Steel Outside Shell
Custom Colors Available
* 4 sides can all be separate colors

Steel Base Frame
Custom Colors Available




  • Brushed Metal Frame
  • Blue Metallic Walls
  • 1/2" Temp. Glass Top

The original concept of 'Home'

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'The Bez'


  • Black Metal Frame
  • Carbon Fiber Walls
  • 1/2" Temp. Glass Top

Shant Bezdjian - The Fabrication Master who makes 'HOME' come to life puts his spin on the idea.

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  • White Metal Frame
  • Maroon Walls
  • 1/2" Temp. Glass Top

Paul Youngblood - The original designer of 'Home' re-images it with a new color palette.

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  • + $750 - 3/4" Temp. Glass
  • + $1000 - 1" Temp. Glass
  • + $250 - Smoked Mirrors
  • + $1000 - Stainless Frame

* Due to the size of this piece of art, prices will vary depending on the location of the delivery.
We promise to keep all shipping expenses to a minimum and welcome creative solutions to keep delivery prices minimal.


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